Pink Bunny
A girl, age 14 and a bit of a crybaby. But she's all sweetness here with notes of sweet coconut milk, fresh strawberries and a dollop of marshmallow!


This girl is a brand new magical girl! She may be new at this, but she won't let anyone get hurt. She's all goodness and light in notes of vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries and peaches, and a drop of pear.

Smoking Bomber

Always there to save a damsel in distress! He might not have all powerful weapons, but he gets by with what he has. He’ll rush in to save the day smelling of smoky roses, with tobacco, beeswax, and hints of patchouli, and pine to keep her coming back to you.

Daytime Tuxedo

He’s a high school student at the top of his game and looking for something somewhere. All he knows is he can't stop thinking of that sweet blonde haired klutz? What's a guy to do? Enchant her with notes of a bouquet of roses, creamy sandalwood, and black pepper. He’ll knock her off her feet- literally!


She'll freeze you out and blast you back to where you came from, youma! With her powers of intelligence and ice, she'll captivate you. Blue musk tempered with fresh ozone, patchouli, pine and a drop of tonka bean. 

Blue Genius

She's the top of her class and future world class doctor. Maybe if I study with her, I'll do better in my school work! Be immersed in shades of blue musk, calming chamomile, water lily, and soothing oceanic musk. 


She'll burn you up and spit you out - in high heels. Worship at the feet of the soldier of war. Creamy sandalwood, orris, smoky tobacco, cherrywood, and soft musk will make you feel invincible.

The beautiful and mysterious shrine maiden at the top of the hill. Classically beautiful and refined - but with a temper. Fresh sandalwood, orris, and plum blossom sweetened with tuberose, incense, and greenery. 


All powerful and loyal to the end, this storm will knock you off your feet! Don't get shocked if you fall in love with this soldier who give her all to those she loves. A thundering storm in a mahogany forest with ozone, moist earth and a hint of green fruit. 

Emerald Patissiere

A girl with a tough reputation and an affinity for baking. She'll defy every expectation and be a true friend… Oh, that guy looks just like her senpai...? Smell as sweet as can be with notes of delicious rose tea, sugar cookies, and tuberose.


Cursed to never have true love and devoted to her one princess. She's the leader of the guardians in the fight against evil. She's a blinding force of light with notes of white amber, surrounded by yuzu and fresh oranges, in a base of neroli and white wood with a kiss of creamy violets.

Golden Heroine

She's there to save the day and maybe fall in love once or twice while doing it. Vanilla ice cream drizzled with fresh peaches, sweet heliotrope, and marshmallow with a drop of amber.

Silver Crystal

The most powerful object in the universe that brings light and love to every person. Let this crystal embrace you in a comforting blend of creamy sandalwood, white amber, orchid, marshmallow, and tonka bean.

Golden Crystal

A perfect match for the Silver Crystal to watch over the heavens. A warm blend of multiple ambers, a dash of sandalwood, honey, vanilla bean, and Egyptian musk will wrap around you like a comfy dream!

Lunar Queen:

A mother who sacrificed everything to save those she loved. A delicate mix of sweet lavender and coconut milk in a bouquet of peonies, tuberose, and lilies with white amber and a drop of patchouli.



This stone fell in love with a prince that was never meant to be hers, and instead fell astray into the Dark One's path. She was the fifth to fall to the Dark One. Feel her despair in notes of Narcissus, Myrrh, infused with muscadine.



An apple green rock commonly used as an ornamental gem and carving material. This stone's powers lie in fire, visions and telekenis! This stone was the first to fall serving the Dark One. Let yourself be taken away with Japanese plum blossoms, vanilla tobacco, with dragons blood drenched in citrus and spice.


Lapis Nephriticus:

An extremely tough emerald green stone. With a connection to the stars, and shadows. This was the second to fall in serving the Dark One. Transport yourself with fresh mountain air, clover, eucalyptus and gold musk. 



A translucent brittle stone. The most intellegient of the stones. He was the third to fall serving the Dark One. Immerse yourself  in cool Ice Crystals, Moroccan Mint, Blue Musk and Chamomile for a chilling aura. 

Lithia Amethyst:

The stone is the strongest with powers over darkness. The stone was the fourth to fall serving the Dark One. Be consumed with notes of Sandalwood with white musk, blood orange, and exotic spices to scintillate your senses. 

Sol Daemonium:

A demon born from the sun and a drop of Chaos. This is the Dark One who chases after the Silver Crystal to bring ruin to the Cosmos as we know it. Black musk, Hydrangea and the smell of metallic moon rocks. 

Mare Serenitas * GWP* 

The scene out of a fairy tale on the moon. Their last dance amongst a menagerie of glitter and sparkle. Flutes of strawberry champagne pop and fizz with the light scent of honeysuckle and heliotrope float amongst the air for one more night of forbidden true love. 



The Student Council President! She’ll make a game out of chasing your cats, selling your first kiss and trying to make the worlds largest pizza! But despite all that, she and her family opened their home to students in need and in the end cast off a noble marriage to become a weather girl. This girl is all sweetness but with a bite- sugared lemons, spearmint, with verbena and white amber!


Dance through a meadow of fresh sweet grass, with violets and sweet strawberry candy. 


Violet and White Amber in a bed of French Lavender and Sticky Benzoin

Kit-Teas & Royal-Tea Collection

black cat: 

Earl Gray Tea and Sugar Stars

White cat:

White tea with fresh lemon syrup

Grey Cat: 

White tea with Lavender Syrup

pink princess: 

Sweet white tea with notes of watermelon, tangerine, lychee and sweet roses. 

Lavender King:

Black Tea with notes of lavender, rose, and smokey, spicy vanilla. 

white Queen:

White tea with notes of strawberry, white grapefruit, magnolia, and ylang ylang. 

burgundy guardian:

Green tea, with notes of blackberry and sage, myrrh, and spicy vanilla. 

Scare-tea cat:

This scent will have you curling up for an eternal sleep to heal your endless heartbreak when your true love breaks up with you. Comforting scents of spiced chai, with cinnamon churro and luxe french vanilla will lure you to sweet dreams...

© 2018 by Luminous Star Perfumes

Any character likeness elicited from these perfume blends is purely happenstance, and no identification with actual or fictional persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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