​Will there be any limited edition releases?

Yes! If you buy six or more samples, individuals, or bundles you'll get the scent "Lunar Queen" in your package! Mare Serenitas is completely sold out and not available. Scare Tea Cat is limited to supply on hand but can be requested as the GWP in your orders.

What is your turn around time (TAT)?

Currently, I am at a 10-15 Business Day TAT which will change depending on stock levels! There will be both full collection restocks and individual product stocks that will affect this (ordering raw materials, blending, pouring, etc) that will affect this at those times. Also if I go on trips, the shop will not close but the TAT will be extended and notice will be given when those are to change! Other dates will be announced at appropriate times. 

Are these repackaged stock oils?

No! All of my perfume blends were painstakingly researched for each character and how I imagine them.  Each fragrance was vigorously tested, resulting in blends I am really proud of.  I stand behind each perfume and I hope that I have done justice to each character.



If I have a reaction, what do I need to do?

If you have any redness, itching or swelling, it means that your skin is reacting poorly to something in the blend.  The best way to get these off is by scrubbing with an alcohol pad.  Follow up with soap and water, then apply hydrocortisone, dipenhydramine, or other allergy cream.  In the case of a reaction, please notify me immediately.  All of these scents have been tested on myself and a host of other people from all skin types and backgrounds.


Do you offer returns or exchanges?

I do not.  Due to the size of my business and the nature of my product, I cannot afford to absorb loss due to returns and exchanges and must dispose of any items that have left my workshop, even if I am assured they are unused.

What if I'm missing something from my order?

Message me as soon as possible.  I may request pictures for proof, but I may have just been over-excited packaging up orders and missed something.  However, I will note that if 60 DAYS has gone past and you haven't messaged me, I will assume that your order was correct and you were satisfied with what you received.


Are your perfumes cruelty free/vegan?

Yes! None of the perfumes were tested on animals or small children.  I only tested my product on myself, family, and friends who were gracious enough to test out my prototypes and tell me what needed fixing.  All of my blends are made from essential oils or synthetic fragrances with a fractionated coconut oil base.  It is my hope that this summer I will be able to garden and set up my own homemade oils with the help from my chemist husband.  Utah's climate and my gardening skills may impact this decision.


How long will these perfumes last?

The carrier oil for all my blends is fractionated coconut oil, which has a shelf life of 2 years.  You can extend the life of the oil by keeping your fragrances away from sunlight by keeping them in a cool, dark place.  If the smell turns, please throw it away and do not risk harming your skin. If you get a brand new product and it smells rancid, please let me know and I will replace it at no cost.  Please ship me that item back so I can see what went wrong.



I'm a blogger and want to feature your product, can I have free stuff?

I don't believe in giving out free stuff, but each situation is different.  Please email me so we can work something out. My willingness to give your free or discounted product is also based on how much work are you willing to do—blog posts, social media engagement, videos, and your own viewer/blogger fanbase.

© 2018 by Luminous Star Perfumes

Any character likeness elicited from these perfume blends is purely happenstance, and no identification with actual or fictional persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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